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Do Dab Pens Smell? How Long Does the Smell Last?

Do Dab Pens Smell? How Long Does the Smell Last?

The dab pen has become a popular choice of vaporizer for those looking for a more discreet and convenient way to enjoy their favourite concentrates.  This article aims to provide an overview of dab pens, explain why people use them, and highlight some pros and cons. What are Dab Pens? 

What are Dab Pens?

A dab pen is a type of device that is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. These devices are designed to make it easy and discreet to use cannabis. They are small and easy to carry around.

Why Do People Use Dab Pens?

People use dab pens for several reasons. One of the most common reasons is privacy and portability. Dab pens are small and often look like other electronic devices, such as a pen or a USB drive, so they are less likely to be noticed.

Additionally, dab pens are easy to use since they typically only require a few simple steps. Another reason why people use dab pens is for their efficiency. Dab pens are designed to be more efficient than other methods of consuming cannabis concentrates since they can vaporize the concentrate quickly and with minimal waste.

Additionally, dab pens allow users to easily adjust the temperature, which can help to customize the experience. Lastly, dab pens are also becoming famous for their flavor. Many cannabis concentrates have a distinct flavor, and dab pens can help bring out the subtleties of that flavor.

What Does the Smell of a Dab Pen Smell Like? 

Depending on the concentrate used, the smell of a dab pen can vary greatly. Generally, dab pens will have a distinct aroma that can range from sweet and earthy to skunky, depending on the type of concentrate. Some people have even compared the smell to burning rubber or plastic. 

What is the cause of the smell?

A few different things can cause the smell of a dab pen. The concentrate itself can contain certain terpenes and compounds that will create an aroma that many people find unpleasant.

Additionally, when the concentrate is heated, there will be a reaction between the concentrate and the metal parts of the pen. This reaction can create a burning smell that some people find unpleasant.

Finally, the air around the dab pen can also contribute to the smell. If there is smoke or other airborne particles, they can mix with the concentrate and create a unique smell.

How long does the smell last?

The different factors that affect the smell's length offer some tips on reducing the smell. Factors That Affect the Length of the Smell When it comes to the longevity of a smell, there are several factors to consider. These include: 

  • The Source of the Smell

The source of the smell significantly influences the length of the smell. Organic odors, such as food ones, tend to dissipate more quickly than odors from artificial sources, such as chemical smells.

  • The Type of Odor

Different odors will linger in the air for different lengths of time. For example, a heavy perfume scent may remain in the air for days, while a milder scent may dissipate quickly.

  • Air Quality

The quality of the air can also affect the longevity of a smell. If the air is dry, the smell will dissipate faster than if the air is humid. 

  • Environment

If the environment is well-ventilated, it will help reduce the smell. On the other hand, an enclosed space with poor ventilation will trap odors and make them linger for longer.

The Best Way to Reduce Dab Smells

There are several ways you can reduce the smell's associated with dabbing. Following these tips can keep your home smelling fresh and your dab session discreet. 

1. Invest in Quality Air Filters 

The best way to reduce dab smell's is to invest in a quality air filter. Air filters trap odors and contaminants in the air, preventing them from spreading throughout your home. Look for an air filter with a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and a HEPA filter. 

2. Use Carbon Filter Boxes 

Carbon filter boxes are designed to absorb odors and reduce dab pen smells. They come in various sizes and are usually made of activated charcoal. Place your dab rig inside the box, and the charcoal will absorb the odors. 

3. Try Odor-Neutralizing Sprays 

Odor-neutralizing sprays are an effective way to reduce dab pen smells. These sprays are designed to absorb and neutralize odors, rather than mask them. Look for sprays made with natural ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, and essential oils. 

4. Open Windows and Doors 

Opening windows and doors can help reduce dab smells by quickly removing odors from your home. It is especially effective on days with a light breeze or wind. If you can, try to keep the windows open for at least 15 minutes after you've finished dabbing to ensure all the odors are removed. 

5. Get Creative With Room Sprays 

Try room sprays if you're looking for a more creative way to reduce dab smells. You can make room sprays using essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. These scents help mask dab odors and make your home smell great! 


In conclusion, dab pens produce a smell, but the smell tends to dissipate relatively quickly. The smell may last a few minutes, but it will not be overly strong and will not likely linger in a room for an extended period. Therefore, while they may smell when they are in use, dab pens are not likely to create long-lasting odors.

Dabbing is one of the most popular cannabis consumption methods, and dab pens are the perfect way to enjoy your dabs. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using a dab pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Dab Pen 

  • Discreet and Portable One of the most apparent benefits of using a dab pen is that they're sensitive and portable
  • A great benefit of using a dab pen is the health benefits. Dabbing is considered one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis, as it does not produce any smoke.
  • No Mess or Odor Finally, a dab pen means no mess or odor. Unlike smoking, all you have to do is heat the dab pen and place your dab onto the coil. 

How to Use a Dab Pen?

Dab pens are much smaller than dab rigs, making them easy to carry around, and they don't require a butane torch or other tools. They are also a quick and easy way to use cannabis concentrates because the user can set the temperature to their liking and inhale the vapor.

Are Dab Pens Safe?

Generally speaking, dab pens are considered to be safer than smoking cannabis due to the lack of combustion. It means that when using a dab pen, you're not inhaling any toxic chemicals produced by burning the plant material. However, dab pens still pose some risks. For example, the concentrated extracts used in dab pens are highly potent, so users should be carefully aware of their dosage and dose. Additionally, the heating element in a dab pen can reach high temperatures, which can be dangerous if not handled properly. 

Can Dab Smoke Leave a Residue on Walls? 

Dab smoke does not usually leave a visible residue on interior walls, although the smell may linger if the room is not adequately ventilated. However, dabs can burn furniture, hardwood floors, and carpets, so you should take care.

How Do You DAB Without Producing An Odor?

The best way to dab without producing a noticeable smell is to smoke indoors and use methods to minimize the odor of the concentrates, such as using candles or air fresheners. Additionally, it is essential to keep the windows closed while dabbing. 

Are Dab Pens or Dab Rigs More Aromatic? 

Generally, dab rigs can produce a more pungent smell than dab pens, so if smell is a concern, dab pens may be the preferred option. Still, both of these ways of using marijuana leave less of a smell than smoking marijuana flowers in a joint.

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