WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SMOK – Protect minors. We are always taking actions

SMOK has always put the protection of minors in an important position in its business operations. We take many practical actions to protect the health of minors.

In terms of internal management, SMOK has set up a “Protect Minors Group” with the CEO as the team leader and implemented the concept of minor protection into all aspects of the operation.

Externally, we …

SMOK clarifies that all SMOK’s users shall be adults.  We have internally prepared a number of management documents such as “Guidelines for Online Publicity and Advertising Work” and “Internal Management Regulations for Preventing Minors from Buying Company Products” to emphasize the importance of protecting minors.  The goal of the above-mentioned documents is to ensure that SMOK products are not promoted to minors and that no sales channels are allowed to sell products to minors.

The SMOK minor protection plan mainly includes the following aspects:

1. SMOK’s official website has a strict age verification program. Unlike ordinary websites that let users choose age boundaries by their selves, SMOK’ s website has cooperated with professional American age verification companies since 2018.  Any users who purchase in the official mall needs to undergo a strict age verification. According to our statistics,  in 2019, 20% of website visitors were refused to place orders at the SMOK official mall because they are failed to pass the age verification.

2. In marketing activities, SMOK also has been doing all the necessary steps to protect the minors. First of all, we never do any market promotion to minors. Secondly, we have always strictly in compliance with laws and regulations in product packaging and store sales management. In practice, we check the marketing activities organized by the marketing department periodically to ensure the implementation of a minor protection program.

3. SMOK has also been taken one step ahead in terms of Minor Protection. When the law only requires that the age of smoking is limited to 18 in most states of the United States, SMOK has already raised the age threshold to 21. When laws and regulations have not strictly required the age to 21, we demand all distributors and dealers to follow the SMOK requirements to increase to 21.  By doing this, our goal is to ensure that SMOK’s distributor or sub-distributors also strictly adhere to the protection scheme for minors.

SMOK has been working to protect minors and has invested a lot of resources for this. It includes working with professional companies with age verification qualifications. Developing a system for protecting minors to make sure consumers of SMOK are adult vapors. SMOK is determined against minors to vape. We propose that all adult vapors do not vape in front of minors. We are aiming to ensure that minors are kept away from vape which is implemented in all aspects of our business operation.

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