SmokVape offers accessories from the smoking brand, with a focus on high-quality and innovative products. Enhance your vaping journey with our extensive range of Lookah products, including dry herb vaporizers, dab pens, vape pens, and electronic vaporizers. Our products provide a smooth and satisfying smoking experience designed for convenience and portability. Discover the Lookah lifestyle today and elevate your smoking experience with SmokVape.

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LOOKAH SNAIL 2.0 VAPORIZER 510 BATTERY Grab a Lookah Snail 2.0 Vaporizer, containing a 350mAh rechargeable battery, 3.2-4.1V adjustable voltage range, and is perfectly equipped to pair with 510 cartridges. Operating off a singl...
The Lookah Unicorn is the next generation of e-rigs. It is the ultimate portable dab rig with incredible design and function. A quick-connect percolator with twin vapor pathways help provide superior airflow. LOOKAH UNICORN WAX...
Pack of three (3) quartz coils for the Lookah Unicorn portable electric dab rig.These replacement quartz coils preserve the full flavor so you won't lose any terpenes and flavonoids.The quartz core has three holes where the coi...
The Seahorse by Lookah is the newest portable nectar collector. It's perfect for a discreet dab session. The regular seahorse comes with ceramic coils and if you need a replacement and don't want the quartz coil, you can defini...
The Seahorse X wax pen is the most versatile vape device Lookah has ever created. This multifunctional device is an Enail, dab pen, wax pen, and cart pen all in one. It even offers water filtration for smoother hits. LOOKAH SEA...

Our range of Lookah products is diverse and reliable, and we take pride in offering them to you. Explore our range of vaping options and find the perfect solution that caters to your requirements.

Lookah Seahorse Pro:

The Lookah Seahorse Pro is a portable, electronic dab pen designed for use with concentrates. The product boasts a stylish and contemporary appearance, with a range of color options to match your personal taste.

To use the Lookah Seahorse Pro, simply load your concentrate onto the atomizer and press the button to heat it. The device heats up quickly and provides a smooth, flavorful hit. One of the benefits of the Seahorse Pro is its easy-to-clean design. This makes it an ideal option for individuals seeking a smoking experience that requires minimal effort and upkeep.

Lookah Seahorse:

The Lookah Seahorse is a more basic version of the Seahorse Pro. It features a durable glass tip and a long-lasting battery. It's an exceptional option for individuals seeking a long-lasting and dependable gadget that can endure for years.

To use the Lookah Seahorse, fill the glass tip with your preferred concentrate and heat it using a butane torch. The device provides a smooth, flavorful hit, perfect for those who enjoy a more traditional smoking experience. However, some users have reported that it can be challenging to get a consistent hit and that the glass tip can be fragile.

Lookah Unicorn:

The Lookah Unicorn is a unique, multifunctional smoking device that can be used for dry herbs and concentrates.

To use the Lookah Unicorn, load your dry herbs or concentrates into the chamber and heat it using the built-in heating element. The device provides a smooth, flavorful hit, perfect for those who want a versatile smoking experience. It is appreciated for its versatility, sleek design, and easy-to-use functionality.